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Free tips to Increasing Sperm Count

Increasing the male sperm count can lead to huge benefits in sexual health and enjoyment - it shows the abundant health and well-being of a man to be able to shoot a large load of sperm.

Here are some of the best tips to Increasing Sperm Count:

  • Drink more water. Avoid dehydration at all costs, Dehydration can be the cause of many bodily failures - including but not limited to sexual health. Ensure that you're getting the appropriate level of water each and every day - even if that is eight glasses of water a day.
    An even better tip is to try multi-vitamin or "added to" water - you can generally buy and drink a bottle of this water and get around half your recommended dietary intake of both water and essential vitamins in one quick dosage.

  • Take Vitamins. Men miss out on essential nutrients because of excessive stress, overloaded schedules and poor diets. Consider taking a daily multivitamin as the best insurance policy. To highlight the importance of this - Vitamin C is essential to sperm production and function, and should be found in all good multivitamins.

  • Exercise. It can sometimes sound like a scary word, but let's face it - healthier people enjoy better and more satisfying sex lives than couch potatoes. In addition to keeping all body systems functioning well, exercise also contributes to overall confidence, feelings of sexiness, and the strength and stamina to do as you please between the sheets.

  • Eat properly. Start thinking more about what you eat, and make an effort to eat healthy foods more often. Take nutrition seriously, and ease up on the all-junk diet. Still treat yourself, but don't over do it - eating healthy is about eating everything in it's right moderation.

  • Moderate alcohol. Just as with the treats, alcohol is good in moderation. A drink or two of red wine in particular each day has shown to have substantial benefits to ones well-being. However, excessive drinking will adversely affect your sex life, not just for that night, but overall: liver exhaustion and the depressive effects of chronically overdrinking will wreck your health and your sex life.

  • Stop smoking. Smoking has been shown to have direct negative effects on sperm count, semen volume and sex drive. Not to mention all the other terrible effects.

  • Keep Cool. The testicles are outside the body for a reason - to keep sperm production cooler than normal body temperature. To produce a lot of healthy sperm, the testicles have to remain cooler than your regular body temperature. To maximize the quality and quantity of your sperm, avoid saunas, steam rooms, hot tubs, whirlpools and hot baths. The common belief that boxers are better than briefs has little scientific evidence, so don't worry too much about the type of underwear you wear - as long as it's not overheating your testicles.

  • Sleep Properly. A good nights sleep can do wonders, and going without it can be terrible. A lack of sleep shows up first in flagging sexual desire and exhaustion. Take care of yourself, and top-prioritize a good night's sleep.

  • Use it or lose it. One of the best ways to keep your sexual hormones and organs in good form is to enjoy a robust, active sex life! Frequent sex also has been shown to be a factor in preventing prostate cancer. There are also studies that suggest men who engage in sex frequently are at lower risk for heart attack. They also tend to be happier.

  • Take sperm volume-enhancing products. All the above will help with your sex-life, not to mention you're overall well-being! But what will really get you on track to bigger, more powerful orgasms quicker is combining all these tips with sperm count increasing products like Semenax.

It's true that there's not one miracle solution that will work flawlessly everytime, so try to take all these steps and make sure you consider a specialized volume-enhancement product - it's the easy way to get on the fast track to a healthier sex life.

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